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Kids don't come with a manual - and parenting is hard!  Psyched About Kids offers a multitude of services that meet a variety of caregiver needs, from knowledge, strategies and tools and the group and individual support to implement them over time. 


PAK Membership - FREE resources!

Join our free PAK Membership and access valuable interactive content to provide you with knowledge and tools to solve some parenting challenges and create healthy environments that help to optimize family wellness:

  • our favorite brain building books, articles and websites
  • printable tools and e-activities
  • suggested strategies approaches based on the latest science behind child development
  • special offerings and events 
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Parent Coaching

"When you become conscious of something you actually gain the ability to change it and make a different choice". 

- Dr. Dan Siegel

Feeling stuck breaking old parenting habits and implementing new strategies?  Work with a parent coach.  Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if working with a PAK parent coach is a good fit for you.

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Customized Books - Social Stories

Social Stories are a great way to support children in learning social skills, such as identifying social cues, routines, emotional regulation, understanding new situations, routines or events, and much more. 

Is there something in particular your child is struggling with? Join our free membership to learn more about how we can help, including creating a customized digital story to suit your unique situation.

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Potty Training 

Preparing to be a Potty Trainer?  We've created an innovative approach to potty training, supported by the science behind child development!  For less than a pack of diapers, get prepared to ditch those diapers for good with support from our fun and simple tips, tools and strategies:

  • Ditch the Diapers e-book
  • Potty Planner - fillable e-book
  • Option for 1:1 coaching
  • Related product discount

We're here to help with this exciting milestone!

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Skill Building Tools

Our toolkits and products are designed using the science behind child development. They help parents and caregivers establish healthy household habits that support optimal family health and resilience.  


Live Workshops

We offer live virtual workshops.¬† If you enjoy group learning about a variety of parenting topics ‚Äď our live workshops are for you! Check back often to see upcoming offerings, or join our Newsletter for ongoing announcements.¬†

small toddler crying with mom touching his head to comfort him

Taming a Tantrum

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Are you tired of yelling?   Time outs not working?  Are your child's tantrums or behaviors impacting your daily life?  Do you want to decrease the frequency and duration of your child's tantrums by implementing some simple proactive strategies in your home?   Then this workshop's for you.

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Brain lifting weights with picture of a neuron in the background

Brain Building Basics

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Gaining some basic knowledge around the amazing brain growth and development that happens in the early years can help to increase parental empathy and compassion, and encourage curiosity around which strategies work best to support unique child capacity building.   

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