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Potty Training Support


Preparing to be a Potty Trainer? Not sure where to start? 

For less than a pack of diapers, get prepared to ditch those diapers for good with support from our innovative, proven approach full of fun and simple tips, tools and strategies, informed by the science behind child development!

Are you ready to be a potty trainer?

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Ditch the Diapers E-book

Cover of book Ditch the Diapers with diapers, green potty with toilet paper on top, and tag line potty train with curiosity and confidence

This book offers simple tools, tips and strategies to help you potty train with curiosity and confidence.

You will learn:

  • How an activated stress response could impact your child’s body awareness and learning. 
  • To explore your own fears and worries and consider how these could impact the process.
  • To observe your child’s signs of readiness.
  • How to set up the emotional and physical environments
  • How to get started with our 4-step process.
  • Plus! Get access to our private Facebook group for additional support


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Potty Planner

Cover of Potty Planner Ditch the Diapers Workbook with visual of potty training cycle with heart in the middle

As an extra support to you and your child’s success, we have created our PAK Potty Planner to accompany our Ditch the Diapers book. It will help you to create your plan, self-reflect on your approach, share with your support network, stick with it, and adjust as needed. We want to support you in making the potty training process as smooth and fun as possible!

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Potty Training Bundle

Covers of Psyched About Kids Ditch the Diapers E-book and Potty Planner side-by-side


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Are you ready to be a potty trainer?

Take our free "Readiness to Potty Train Questionnaire" now!
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One-on-one Potty Training Support

young toddlers legs standing beside a white and lime green potty

 Feeling stuck? Our potty training experts can offer individualized coaching. We’re here to help with this exciting milestone!

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